Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dialogue, Dinosaurs, and Defense

I recently tried to have a conversation with a fellow believer that didn't really go anywhere, which was very disappointing to me. What was so disappointing for me was that this believer had no interest in exploring, through conversation the possibilities that we, in our dialogue, could sharpen each other, and in effect know our Father that much better.
The conversation began over a magazine cover that talked about Mars, and the possibilities that life could have existed on the planet. The topic of time, as in the earth and the universe being billions of years old, came up. I declared that I didn't believe that the earth was as old as the secular scientists were claiming. After a few of my theories were toss into the pot of conversation, this believer polite closed off the topic with a statement, similar to this, " I am fine with not understanding everything there is to know about God. I don't have the need to know."
Okay, I thought, so what then? Let's talk about... hmmm dinner? It's dinner time yes let's move on to something else.
That was it. Our conversation ended without going anywhere except down.
This is why that bugged me. Why is it so "taboo, difficult, uncomfortable, boring" to talk about reconciling the apparent differences with the secular worldview, and our scriptural worldview.
Why is this believer disinterested in engaging conversation that may have two opposing sides. Defending our faith, our religion, our worldview is not something that we need to be afraid of, rather the opposite is true. We need to learn how to tackle these "apparent" biblical problems, together so that we have an answer for those who ask us why we believe what we believe.
When our children begin to move out from our wings, into the world, they will encounter may unbiblical worldview that, unless prepared, will knock them off their foundation.
I want to make sure that I and my children, will have at the very least, had a conversation about dinosaurs, the scriptures and how we as believers reconcile their existence.
Aren't we supposed to love the Father with all of our heart, soul, and MIND?
For the record, I believe in a young earth, about 6 thousand years old, and I think dinosaurs are in the bible. If you care to engage me in a conversation about this, come on over and I'll put on some tea. I promise still to love you if you don't agree with me, as I expect you will still love me if I don't agree with you. (It's okay to defend your beliefs, really it is)

Monday, March 21, 2011


We do things a bit differently. We consider this to be the first month in the scriptural calendar. Yes going against pretty much all the calendar's going in relation to the Torah and the moon and sun, the signs in the heavens. Because of this we celebrated Passover and today is the first Day in the Feast of UnLeavened Bread. It was nice to celebrate this with close family. Actually we had two passover's (if you can do that) one with immediate family members and another with some friends. We had a great time. Wishing everyone a blessing in this season of remembering. May the Father come quickly and start our Exodus from this world, full of lawlessness. I want to be free from the leaven in my life so that I can be free to enter into the kingdom more fully. Thank you my King for covering me and washing me with your blood. You are the Lamb who has taken away the sin of the world. You are my king. I will serve you and love you. May my heart prove to be worthy. I love you with all my heart and soul.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Have someone pray for you, really pray.

I've been battling, rather succumbing to depression as of late. The last year has been quite the ride. I feel like I've been on the t.v. reality show "Wipe Out" only this is not for entertainment. I'm living the real wipe out "show". Slowly like the frog in the cold pot, that slowly gets heated and eventually dies, I've been getting more and more depressed. I began crying at odd times, and angry most of the time, wanting so much for my heart's cry to be heard. I knew in my head that the Father heard my cry and He witnessed my descent into misery. I couldn't seem to communicate to my husband how I was feeling, without coloring the words with the hint of "leave me alone". This of course is the last thing I really wanted but my husband and I can't seem to communicate on this level. My sister "heard" my cry and came to give me hope. She spent the most part of last Sunday, cleaning my house, helping me sort through stuff, and best of all inspired the rest of my family to come together. Her best present to me, though I really did need the help cleaning, was knowing that she was "waring" in the spiritual realm for this depression to unhook it's grasp on me. Two evenings she did this prayer. I am so thankful for her gift because my husband and I also had a break through. He "heard" my heart and my cry and rather than responding to the outer communication, he "got" that I needed unconditional acceptance AND that he needs to be the one who ministers the Father's heart to me. He is pledging to be my pastor, my head, my protector. We love each other so much, and now, because of the answered prayer, the grace of my Father, the blessing of a spirit filled family member not only do I feel hopeful, I feel free, joyful and optimistic about life. True life, comes from my incredible God. I am peaceful because He who loves me, promises to carry out all His promises.
It occurred to me that His promise is that if I follow him, goodness and mercy will follow me, his child, all the days of my life. Why then, would He give me a husband who needs equipping and help on how to love me, not give him that help. Of course he would! He will give Jim all that he needs to help minister to me, so that I receive the healing I obviously need. He will give Jim all that he needs to help release me from past hurts, so that I can walk in freedom. I trust that the Father will speak to Jim, and also I trust in Jim's relationship with the Father.
I love God. He IS a good God.